Choice Kratom Bali 8 Jumbo Capsules

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1 Pack contains 8 jumbo capsules of Red Vein - Bali

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) refers to the leaves of a South East Asian medicinal tree that is closely related to Coffee. It has been employed for a variety of uses in traditional South Eastern medicine systems for at least several hundred years of recorded history, but has undoubtedly been utilized since time immemorial.


Types of Kratom

There are three main kratom varieties that are primarily distinguished by how they are processed and prepared for retail. The color refers to drying techniques used after the leaves are harvested from kratom trees. It is thought by many in the kratom community that when the leaves are harvested, they are separated and categorized based on the color of their vein. Red vein kratom is the most mature, followed by green vein, and then white vein, which is the least mature.


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