Mystic Labs MIT 150 Kratom Shot

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Mystic Labs MIT 150 Kratom Shot

Mystic Labs is changing the Kratom extract industry for the better with the introduction of its first commercially available Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) extract product: the MIT 150 Kratom Extract Shot.

Each bottle is packed with a 15ml Kratom Shot that gives you 150 MIT kratom content. To ensure the highest product quality and consistency, Mystic Labs get their kratom shot lab-tested for potency and purity.

Potent formula boasting 150 MIT or mytragynine content.

Who Is This Shot For?

Looking at the alkaloid profile of the mitragyna speciosa plant we know there are 40+ alkaloids responsible for the wide range of effects kratom produces. Mytragynine is the powerhouse alkaloid responsible for kratoms energizing effects. That being said, this shot is a pure mit based shot. If your looking for that boost to power through the day…or night this is for you! Clean energy with no hard come downs

Mystic Labs is an industry-leading compliance and quality standards-based company.  All their products are made right in the sunshine state of Florida.  The company is the trusted powerhouse behind multiple CBD Brands, Nootropics, and Wellness lifestyle brands.

Product Features:

  • Kratom Shot 0.5 fl. oz. (15ml)
  • 150mg of mitragynine per bottle
  • Tested by Independent Labs
  • Manufactured in the USA

This delicious shot offers 150 MIT content to meet users’ health and wellness needs.

This kratom shot is lab-tested to ensure the highest product quality and consistency.

Coming from the Mystic Labs, you can trust the safety and quality of this kratom shot.